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24/7 Real Time Tracking

Geofence Setup

Historical Record

Web Platform Access

Smart Phone Access

GMGPS Trackers Are Easy To Use! Affordable & Cost Effective! Reliable & Simple! Suitable For Corporate Or Individual Use. Get One Today!

GMGPS Cost Effective & Affordable GPS Tracking Devices

We are the leading security innovation provider for remote GPS Tracking, Monitoring & Management In Malaysia.

  • Plug & Play

    Easy & Simple plug & play without connect to engine.


    All driving history can export for future references and for data-keeping


    Track and trace determines the current and past locations of the vehicle in a real time database & allow to trace by date & time.


    GMGPS tracking system support all smartphone with Android & IOS , Tablet & PC Login.


    The application may preset notification when the tracker removed or overspeed.


    These function allow automatically identify and track the location of vehicle or people in real time 24/7.

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management

Children Safety

Pets Lover

Personal Things & Belonging

Elderly Location

More Than A GPS Tracking Device

When think of GPS tracking, most people will be think about car GPS tracking, but GPS actually can be used for much more.

GMGPS is a complete solution provider of GPS tracking systems and services for personal and business consumer nationwide.We offer affordable gps trackers and gps tracking systems that are ideal for personal or business use. We offer GPS tracking systems to track people you love, vehicles, truck, pets and much more.

Whether you want to track a car that you own that’s used by your children or you want to keep track of where your employees drive when they use company cars, GPS can go with your car or truck every step of the way.

With this advance technology can give you peace of mind when it comes to any vehicle that you own – car, truck, or heavy equipment.

Not Sure What You Need?

Let us help you to setup the right tracking system for your needs.