How To Know The Shipping Fee?

An estimated shipping fee (after choosing your desired shipping method) will be added to the actual price of the product when you checkout which you are required to pay. In the case where there is a discrepancy between estimated and actual shipping fee, you will be informed through your email address or contact number. The order will take at least 1 working day to process and will only be shipped out after full payment (including shipping fee) is paid.

Tracking number will be sent to you after the order is sent out and processed. You are expected to contact us if you do not receive any tracking number from us.

Shipping/ Delivery Methods Available?

Pos Laju will be used to deliver the products to our customers for orders within Malaysia while for purchases made out of Malaysia, EMS will be used to deliver the product.

Kindly send us an email to enquire at

How much does it cost?

The price of the product on the website does not include shipping fee and the shipping fee will only be shown when you checkout your shopping cart. Shipping fee may differ according to different specifications (inch, colour, weight) of the product you order. The shipping fee will be presented together with the price and other costs of the order that sum up as the total cost of the order.

The shipping fee shown and paid by you when you checkout is an estimation of the actual shipping fee, therefore, you will be requested to compensate or pay additional shipping fee in the event where the shipping fee paid initially is underestimated. In this case, we will personally contact you via your email address registered with us as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Your order will only be sent out to you after actual shipping fee is settled in full.

Shipping/ Delivery Duration?

Order will need at least 1 working day to process and will be sent out only after full payment is made (including actual shipping fee).

Under normal circumstances, days needed to reach our customers’ place:

  1. East Malaysia – Around 5 working days
  2. West Malaysia – Around 5 working days
  3. International – Around 7 working days

Nonetheless, kindly take note that some countries require longer delivery time.

Tax and Duty?

By purchasing from us, you agree and are expected to bear all the risks and responsibility related to any additional tax or duty imposed on your order. The price you paid for the order are not inclusive of any tax or duty that may be imposed by the recipient country. Hence, you are advised to spend some time researching on the matter before purchasing the product from us to avoid unnecessary issues.